Therapy is a unique experience that will both challenge and change you. At Vive Counselling and Psychotherapy, I provide a safe space and gentle guidance to enable clients to work through issues and obstacles.

I believe that everyone has the ability to make meaningful changes in their lives when given the space to discover their own strengths and resources. Throughout therapy, I will also equip you with tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals. You can learn more about my approach to therapy here.

Many people notice some benefits from counselling almost immediately. For example, you may feel relief as you take the first step toward dealing with your concerns. Other changes take longer to achieve. Typically, you will get out of therapy what you put into it.


A Typical First Session

Usually, I will begin the appointment by explaining what therapy is and how the sessions will work. I will also discuss the confidential nature of counselling and the limits to that confidentiality.

As therapy is a two-way process, you can ask me any questions you have about counselling and my way of working. We will also discuss your goals and expectations for therapy and life.

For therapy to be effective, a strong client-counsellor relationship is important. You should feel safe, accepted, and respected. If, after the first session, you feel we will work well together, we can schedule in further sessions.


Issues Treated

I work with a variety of client problems and concerns. Below are just a few of the presenting issues I work with. Click on each one to find out more.

Sexual and Domestic Violence
Stress Management
Work- and School-Related Issues


Nutrition for Mental Health

Because I work in a holistic manner, and I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I offer nutritional information and advice to clients who wish to avail of it. This is entirely optional and depends on your individual goals and needs.

Nutrition is well known to have an impact on mental health, so combining talk therapy and nutritional therapy may have a greater impact on your wellbeing than using either treatment alone.

You can read more about nutrition for mental health here.


What Else Do I Need to Know? 

Session duration: 50 minutes
Cost: €60 (payable by PayPal, cash, or debit/credit card)
Cancellation policy: 48 hours notice required or full payment is due
Location: Ennis, Co. Clare
Online sessions: Available via Zoom – find out more here


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