Sexual and Domestic Violence

Many women and men experience various forms of violence at the hands of a partner or family member, whether physical, psychological, sexual, or financial.

A large number of people in Ireland are also survivors of sexual violence — any type of sexual contact that occurs against a person’s will. This includes rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and more.

Experiencing any type of violence or abuse can have a wide-ranging and lasting impact on your self-esteem and mental health. Depression and anxiety, for example, are common among survivors. But talking to trusted others about the experience is one way to work through these issues and begin to move forward with your life.


How Can Counselling Help Me?

Therapy gives clients the opportunity to explore their feelings and concerns in a safe and supported space.

I provide counselling in Ennis or online to those who have experienced domestic violence, sexual violence, or child sexual abuse. As a qualified Rape Crisis Counsellor, I am accredited by the Rape Crisis Network Ireland.

During sessions, clients can:

– Determine their goals for therapy and life
– Learn more about the dynamics and effects of abuse
– Work through their emotions in a safe manner
– Make a safety plan
– Explore the possibility of reporting
– Receive support if already reporting/going through the legal process

I also provide support to clients who have partners, friends, and family members dealing with, or recovering from, sexual and domestic violence.

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