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Are you struggling to cope with challenges in your life? Whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress, or dealing with a specific issue at work, school, or home, counselling and psychotherapy can help.

Therapy provides a space where you can explore your concerns, discover your options, and learn new coping skills — all with the aim of helping you live the life you want.

At Vive Counselling and Psychotherapy, based in Ennis and Limerick, Jayne works with a wide variety of problems and uses a range of therapeutic approaches and techniques — including nutritional therapy — to help you achieve your goals.


Depression is a common condition that causes low moods, fatigue, and loss of interest. Discover how therapy can help you manage depression.

Therapy can help those affected by physical, emotional, or sexual violence to explore their feelings and to discover the options available to them.

Anxiety causes intense worry, fear, and unease that affects your everyday life — but therapy can help you control your symptoms and reduce your fears.

Bullying, stress, or conflict at work, school, or college can cause depression, anxiety, and distress. Learn how to manage these issues and more.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Finding it difficult to cope with life’s demands? Stress management techniques can help you find relief.

Food choices have a major impact on emotions and other factors affecting mental health. Discover how nutritional therapy can help you manage your moods.

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